Children questioning Santa—“Is there really a Santa Claus”—is a dilemma for many Christian parents who must decide whether or not to play the Santa game. This dilemma is demonstrated by their parenting forums that frequently include language like:

  • What should parents tell their children about Santa?
  • Answering the Santa question
  • The truth about Santa Claus
  • Should we encourage our child to believe in Santa?
  • What to say about Santa Claus

The book, Your Child and Santa: Help with the Christian Parent’s Dilemma, was written to help Christian parents in making Santa a faith-building experience. It provides information, insights and options to help parents decide how to deal with their dilemma without lying about Santa.

The purpose of this site is to provide parents additional information and resources to supplement those in the book. Others who find this site useful are welcome.

This site is organized to mirror chapters of the book.